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Health and Safety Policy Statement

BCMServ is committed to providing work places which are safe, healthy and friendly environments where safe working practices are insisted upon.
We want everyone to encourage responsible behaviour and to contribute positively to seeking safer and more productive ways to work.
The company believes that there is no other function within the organisation that has greater importance than the management of health and safety.

Directors’ Responsibilities for Health and Safety

We know that the health and safety culture comes from the top of the company.

Our directors are committed to the values and the policies set out in this document.

In accordance with the guidance ‘Leading Health and Safety at Work’ (published jointly by the Health and Safety Commission and the Institute of Directors), the Directors endorses the following action points:

  • Each individual Director accepts his individual role in providing health and safety leadership for the company and any persons who may have contact with the company in the course of its work.
  • The Directors require all management functions within the company to be carried out in a manner that reflects the health and safety intentions of this policy statement.
  • The Directors accept their role in engaging the active participation of workers in improving health and safety.
  • The Directors have appointed a Health and Safety Director who is to keep the board informed of, and alert to, relevant health and safety risk management issues and who will assist in monitoring and reviewing health and safety performance. For detailed descriptions of the company’s organisation and responsibilities, please refer to the developing Health and Safety Management Systems.

It is our policy to provide:

  • A place of work, systems of work and plant that are safe and do not create a risk to the health, safety and welfare of our employees, independent contractors, members of associated companies and the general public, so far as it is reasonably practicable to do so.
  • Appropriate information, instruction, training and supervision for all employees.
  • The allocation of sufficient resources to enable the health and safety policy to function effectively.
  • Specialist health and safety managers/advisors whose duties include monitoring on-going health and safety performance and providing advice in connection with establishing a healthy and safe place of work.
  • Regular consultation with employees, contractors, trade union representatives, the Health and Safety Executive, Environmental Health Officers and other relevant organisations.
  • Regular assessment of operational performance, incident investigation reports and audit information through a system of management review meetings in order to ensure continual improvement.
  • Commitment to ensuring health and safety matters are an integral part of the business.
  • Commitment to complying with statutory requirements, approved codes of practice, recognised guidelines and other relevant industry standards.

Health and Safety Policy Statement

  • Commitment to the understanding of changes in working arrangements which have significant implications for Health and Safety.
  • Technical guidance notes and supporting information in order to assist management in developing Risk Assessments and associated Method Statements. This is provided through the issue of the “Supervisors Manual”, issued by the UK Health and Safety Manager, and the company subscription to IHS Technical Indexes on the Intranet.

Organisation and General Responsibilities

Health and Safety Managers are appointed to each project and report to the Director responsible for Health and Safety.
This position is the Priority and key part of the Project or Site Managers duties and is integrated with the Environmental Management requirements of a project.


A Company Management System is being developed as the business grows but initial and critical procedures and systems are already in place. These systems are available and should be used on all projects

To assist the company Third Party Safety Advisors and Auditors are employed to assist in the setting up of administration and to provide continual updates in regard to legislation, regulations and safety campaigns.

Health and Safety: Code of Conduct The expected behaviour of individuals is set out in our Code of Conduct. Copies of this will displayed on notice boards and are included with the employee’s appointment.

We actively encourage and promoted the work of larger organisations through their behaviour programmes [such as IIF] and where an opportunity arises will assist these initiatives to be devolved through the construction industry.

Both BCMServ employees and our subcontractors will be expected to commit to these programmes and continual training and development.

(This policy statement is valid from 1st January 2017 to 31st December 2017 and will be reviewed annually)